White Earthscape

My trip to east Sikkim was full of surprises. Some of the places which we have visited were either partially covered with snow or were full covered.
Sillery Gaon was the 1st halt of our journey followed by Algarah. Since these places were comparatively at lower altitudes we did not come across snow. But the chill winds post-sunset were spine cracking and fingers freezing.
Weather was not very much favourable for shooting.
Sillery Gaon, Aritar and Rolep are very beautiful villages of East Sikkim still devoid for 4g spectrum, DTH and high-end touchscreen phones. We came across wood fire ovens where we stayed for the night.
Next morning we reached Rolep and finally Zuluk (the famous zigzag road). The cloud and sunlight play have created dramatic situations for frames to capture. These places were completely snow covered and the temperature dropped to subzero within some hours of our arrival at Thambi.
Zuluk is a small hamlet located at a height of approximately 10,000 feet on the terrain of the lower Himalayas in the East Sikkim. After crossing Zuluk we started. climbing steep mountains. The famous Zig Zag road takes a dozen of turns and twists to cover the 14 km distance to Thambi viewpoint.
Post to that, we reached the Ladakh of East Sikkim, which is situated at an altitude of 13,500 feet above sea level. This is the famous Nathang valley. This place appears in different colours at different times of the year. In autumn it looks golden when the grass dried up, in the rainy season it is covered in flowers and in winter it is buried in 5 feet snow.
If people want to experience snowfall, they need to visit these places in the months of January to April.
Due to heavy snowfall, many roads were blocked and we could not continue our journey further till Lake Tsomgo and Old Baba Mandir.
Since I am a bit chionophile, so whenever I see fresh white snow everywhere around me I felt like the top of the world. No camera or photographs or even writing can justify my experience of travel.

Here is a short glimpse of my poetic journey.










16 thoughts on “White Earthscape

  1. Sudipta Das says:

    Excellent frame. Love the way you discover zuluk as well as east Sikkim.

  2. Debarshi Das says:

    Awesome frames

    Bit different from any other landscape photographs

  3. Samanwaya Biswas says:

    তোমার জবাব নেই 👌


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