Photographer turns Bride!!!

When photographers get married, they primarily come across with two notions in their minds:

a) to incorporate an artist’s impression in their wedding, and

b) finding another photographer who they can trust to do justice to their wedding.

Ananya contacted me around 1.5 years before her wedding date through Facebook Messenger as she was already there in my friend list! I was very much interested in the images she had taken across the streets of Calcutta. Now it’s always a challenge to photograph a photographer’s wedding as the perspective of every artist is vast as an ocean and no two artists can think alike.
So here we are, a few months later with this set of images. Proof that photographers can look also beautiful in front of the camera and not always camera conscious.









28 thoughts on “Photographer turns Bride!!!

  1. Bibhas Deb says:

    You did amazing works. You were great with your directions. I appreciate Your great works and wish You all the success in life.

  2. Rayees Eijaz says:

    Excellent work and absolutely wonderful pics, keep it up

  3. Upamanyu Bhattacharya says:

    Beautiful Story. Loved the frames!

  4. Somdeb Mandal says:

    Great images. Wish I could work with you someday. 🙂

  5. Shirin karan says:’s great..all the photographs are really praiseworthy..😍

  6. Somdeb Mandal says:

    Great story telling through these beautiful images.. Wish I could work with you someday. 🙂

  7. Archit Chongdar says:

    Beautiful shots, such storytelling pictures

  8. Santanu Dey says:

    U did fabulous job as u always do. Wish a grand success in ur all future endeavours. Keep going.

  9. Somia Mallick says:

    Sotti vison sundor hoyeche। Tor chokhe sotti jadu ache। ♥️


    Keep experimenting with colors,tones, and most importantly MOMENTS,PoV to create unique visual stories everafter.. God bless u for all ur future endeavors.

  11. Ruchira Mitra Roy says:

    Beautifully captured…All the photos are so lively!! You managed to capture their souls…Great work..


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