Girlie and Gorgeous- Mihikaa

I love finding the beauty of everyday life and sharing the family’s story through natural, beautiful and honest photos.

From 6th -9th month is a great time for baby shoot. As your baby will be smiling, developing their own little personality and developing  their own age could ever be sitting or crawling. At this age you can get some amazing pictures that are timeless and  show so much expression. In these sessions I welcome parents also.

Mihikaa, was full of smiles and Energy. Clearly, she had more fun during the Photo shoot than I did capturing her. She was very friendly. I absolutely adore the 6th-9th month stage of babyhood, they are so happy and full of energy. Newborns are very gorgeous and is certainly a must photograph milestone, but I would say this is the 2nd most important.

The images speak for themselves below, keeping it simple and timeless, I hope she enjoys these images years from now for a long long time.












22 thoughts on “Girlie and Gorgeous- Mihikaa

  1. Parantap Ray says:

    Aawwwee…this is tooo sweet
    The pics are jst lovely to both the photographer and the cutest model

  2. Bijoy Singha says:

    The more I see ur pictures the more I admire your work . Very nice work indeed. Keep it up Avishmita.

  3. Devyani Chakravarty says:

    Kudos to you for your effort and excellent photography keeping the originality in place..Also appreciate your patience for the babyshoot. A well-crafted blog👍.

  4. Sumanta Roy says:

    It’s a unique experience . With change of time lot of new things arrive and babyshoot with a blog about it is a unique memoir. Avismita has a great eye to capturing candid moments and that too of infant babies deserves lot of credit!!! Hats of to her for her patience which I and Devyani my better half always appreciate about her..#MihikaaMemoirs – Great work!!

  5. Banaja ghosh says:

    Cute model and talented photographer.. perfect combination

  6. Sabina Yasmin says:

    Awesome pics very nice shots…..something u guys will cherish forever..😊

  7. Soumya N Ghosh says:

    Fantastic set of works . Different and creative!


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