Children at the wedding

Welcome back, everyone! This is the most stagnant moments for all of us. So I have decided to type down a blog documenting the spontaneous expressions of children. Children can be lively as well as moody within a blink of time.

Being in the wedding photography industry for more than five years, I come across various children in these events.

Since I carry huge inclination towards photographing children and their bag full of mixed emotions so my viewfinder always searches for kids and their spontaneous change in their facial expressions and behavioural etiquettes. They neither bother about anyone nor about the ambience expressing their joy or sorrow.

Hope these frames (which have been captured for over five years), will uplift your mood and bring back the happiness in your heart.









15 thoughts on “Children at the wedding


    Unique approach and thougtprocess and equally commendable execution.Excellent visuals depicting a very well crafted narration. KEEP SHINING.BEST WISHES

  2. Amit Bhowmick says:

    Beautiful vision di. Totally in love with these photographs. The mood & expressions are pure and beautiful. I loved the simplicity & innocence of the picture.. KEEP IT UP..🙂

  3. Rayees E says:

    Absolutely brilliant pics ….. a wonderful collection of really cute children …. love your work.

  4. Anjushree Das says:

    Wonderful thought, superb execution and great work. Looking forward to see more of such rarely captured moments. Best wishes

  5. Karabi Das says:

    Great work….I just loved your unique thought and photographs

  6. Subhajit Sanyal says:

    In Wedding photography, we generally find the pictures reveal the focus mostly on the bride and the groom.
    What I noticed here is that you have created a story by highlighting the different moments of moods of children of different ages and gender in a Wedding.
    This idea is amazing. Had I not read this blog of yours it would be hard to feel and understand how deep a story a lens can tell…
    My best wishes for you always… Keep up the good work..
    As a photographer I’ve learnt a lot from you and I feel there is loads more to learn in the future….

  7. Pradip Kr Naskar says:

    Excellent…👏👏👏, You have a beautiful art of not only capturing smiles but souls….Keep it up 👍👍👍

  8. Jhuma Datta says:

    Innovative and very creative presentation. You’re a gift to those around you and your work speaks volumes of the kind of human being you are — efficient, organized and always the same . Well done.

  9. Pritam says:

    You have an eye for those missed out yet priceless expressions! Beautiful inside out these moments were and only you could capture it so well ❤️

  10. Devyani Chakravarty says:

    For me it is first of it’s kind..Really you have an eye to capture such moments of magic😊😊. Best wishes !!

  11. Raj says:

    The way you look I wish I can.. It is a gift from Almighty that you have such a vision like this. Everyone doesn’t have the talent which you have.. Awesome photography.. ❤❤


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