3 Months of Budding New Life

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There is never a time in a child’s life when changes don’t happen but first six months of every infant’s life is very beautiful to look at. This is a time where you can capture the glimpses of their physical changes and appearances.




Around 3 months, life starts to get a little easier especially for the mommies. Those bright and crystal-clear eyes, by which you get stumbled every time whenever they take a glance towards you. Their yawning and apparently falling asleep is one more favourite moments to capture for every photographer.


Starting to recognize their parents and sharing a smile with a stranger are very cherishable moments. Parents waiting, for them to be able to sit up on their own is one of the most inexplicable moments in any new parenthood. If the baby is not familiar with you, I recommend spending a bit of time talking to them before getting started. With a bit of creativity there should be no reason to feel confident and ask the 3‐month‐old infant to be photographed. I think they are so enchanting & adorable gifts from heaven, and certainly worth a try! 



If you are photographing the baby in a client’s home, you must need to take a walk around and evaluate the lighting conditions and the ambiance of the place. I try to photograph the baby with a top shot, when they just had finished their nap or have just been fed. I always try to do some talking to them until my viewfinder gets filled with their endearing smiles. If they aren’t connecting with you, please do ask someone from family members to talk to them directly over your shoulder, so that the baby looks straight towards your camera.




Simple portraits of the baby can easily be done on a bed or by making the baby lie down over some vibrant & rich colored quilt spread over decorative floor space. Please do not try not to have the light coming in directly from their back, this will create unpleasant and bizarre shadows on their little features. I prefer to use soft side lighting while working indoors.


I will often ask the parent to stay in the frame so that I can capture images of lively parenthood. I know parents don’t always want to be in the photos. When scheduling the session, please do remind the parents about your notion of capturing beautiful moments with their babies. Even if they hesitate, motivate them to do this as these images are always an asset to look at in the coming future. 

I do not own props, but if I see something within the home that could work it’s fun to incorporate them in my frames. It could be a special teddy bear or a favorite blanket enriched with bright colors which might bring life to the images. 





A wonderful time to celebrate new life, and capture all those tiny brand-new features. Watch for minute details of their growth. There will be a time when the parents look back to these images and a broad smile on their faces will fill their heart and soul.



‘At the end of the day, photographs will remain as an asset to look back into the past and cherish those unforgettable moments whenever you miss your first born growing up’

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  1. Soumya N Ghosh says:

    Lovely set of sweet stars , as usual excellent work .

  2. Abhishek dutta says:

    Beautiful work ..best wishes…keep clicking…😊

  3. Koushik Maji says:

    You have great communicate power for babies!! Love it.

  4. Subhajit Panigrahi says:

    What can i say madame……Genuinely u r a gem in photographic genre….hats off to u n ur effort as well as ur work……keep working….wish someday i will definitely want to see u to cover star couple weddings,photoshoots,…..loads of blessings to u……n tk cr


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