The Pre-wedding Magic : Capture and Cherish

Welcome folks! As per the recent trends, couples have a huge passion for pre-wedding shoots. Before Marriage, this is one of the best times to get to know each other, to come closer and probably to have a shoot rehearsal as well. They spend thousands on their beautiful dresses, undergo various […]

Girlie and Gorgeous- Mihikaa

I love finding the beauty of everyday life and sharing the family’s story through natural, beautiful and honest photos. From 6th -9th month is a great time for baby shoot. As your baby will be smiling, developing their own little personality and developing  their own age could ever be sitting […]

A wedding to remember || A Hindu – Jewish Fusion Wedding Ceremony

Today I am bringing to you a very notable interfaith wedding. It’s a cultural extravaganza, full of heart and sentiment, and will be very inspiring for those planning or even thinking of an interfaith wedding ceremony One of the most beautiful things about wedding is that it blends together two […]

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